Motawi Relief Tile Armitage Oval Spacer Grab Bag

Motawi Armitage Oval Spacer 2" X 4"

Plus two trim pieces

1- 2" x 3"

1- 2" x 2.5"

Three pieces total


These are leftover tiles from a project, and are "as is." This is an actual photo of the tiles. Each Motawi Tile is unique, and may vary slightly in size and color. Color variation is due to the glazing and firing processes, and is common to most Motawi Tiles. See photos for details. Due to variations in the eBay shipping wizard, excess postage paid, if applicable, will be refunded at shipping . Buyer can combine shipping when making more than one purchase, for even more savings. We always refund excess shipping charges! Motawi Relief tiles often do not have the Motawi stamp on the back. TILES MAY NOT LOOK SQUARE, AS OUR TILES ARE PHOTOGRAPHED AT A SLIGHT ANGLE TO REDUCE GLARE.