Mothers of Famous Men (Lamplighter Publishing)

Mothers of Famous Men

Author: Archer Wallace
Best For: Older Girls and Women
Pages: 160

Written in: 1848

What man on earth has not been deeply influenced by his mother? Mothers of Famous Men gives us a glimpse into the lives of remarkable women whose immeasurable love and outstanding influence helped shape their sons into the men of honour and character that they became. The mothers of George Washington, Andrew Carnegie, John Quincy Adams, and Abraham Lincoln are just a few of the stellar women that will inspire you by their godly character and compelling influence.

About the author:

In 1904, Archer Wallace , a young Methodist minister arrived in the city of Boswarlos in Newfoundland . The people of the area enjoyed his ability to relate to youth and inspire them. Ryerson Press said of him , "Archer Wallace is a boys' man…the boy in him will never die. Boys gather round him at a football match or hockey game or Sunday School. Many boys write to him... with rare insight he is able to understand them... (His books) have proved an inspiration to boys the world over." In the 1930s, Wallace returned to Boswarlos and built a cabin in which he continued to write his books for boys. His books recorded true stories of boys who conquered their handicaps and worked their way to fame, achievement,
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