MOTION PICTURE CLASSIC movie magz 1916, Mabel Normand +

Vintage original issue, MOTION PICTURE CLASSIC movie magazine dated February 1916 with vivid full color artwork scene cover from the silent film "Heart of the Mermaid" by Edward Moran. This is an early issue (Vol.I #6) of this deluxe / classy derivative of Motion Picture Magazine. Large photos & portrait pages of ... Anna Pavlowa; Florenz Tempest; Marion Sunshine; Wilfred Lucas; Margaret Gibson; Mabel Normand; Claire McDowell; Mary Anderson; Enid Markey; Sally Crute; Ethel Teare; Henry B. Walthall; etc.. Content (text &/or photos) of ... Lillian Walker; Edith Storey; Henry B. Walthall as DR JEKYL & Mr. HYDE; Gerda Holmes; Grace Darmond; W. C. Fields in - POOL SHARPS; Anna Little; Marie Dressler; Blanche Ring; Mae Marsh; Mary Pickford; Cleo Madison; Crane Wilbur; J. Warren Kerrigan; Cecil B. DeMille; etc.. Early movie Studios mentioned include - Imp, Lubin, Biograph, Vitagraph, Triangle, Edison, etc.. Photographer credits include - Witzel, Moody, etc.. Intereasting advertisement s include - typewriter, pocket watch, etc.. NEAR MINT condition (1" spine deterioration at both ends; otherwise I cannot find any flaws in this early issue; ... see photos). NO missing pages & NO clip-outs, COMPLETE 78 oversized pages. I am selling-off a large portion of my movie & Sheet Music Collection (all categories). Been collectiong ... read more