Motion Picture Magazine from June, 1914 (Volume VII, No. 5) with an unidentified picture on the cover. Contents include: an ad for Edison Pictures with pix of Mary Fuller, Marc MacDermott, Ben Wilson, Barry O'Moore, William Wadsworth and Andy Clark; ad for The Hamburg-American Steamship Line advertising "Around the World Through the Panama Canal" and a picture of the Cleveland; Portraits of Helen Marten (Eclair), Ada Gifford (Vitagraph), Beverly Bayne (Essanay), Mary Fuller (Edison), Clara Kimball Young (Vitagraph), Ruth Hennessy (Essanay), Maurice Costello (Vitagraph), Wilfred Lucas (Universal), Grace Cunard (Universal), Kate Toncray (Biograph), Arthur Johnson (Lubin), Marion Leonard, Pauline Bush (Universal), Norma Phillips (Mutual), Louise Huff (Lubin), Anita Stewart (Vitagraph), Elsie MacLeod (Edison), Gene Gauntier, and Rogers Lytton with Audrey Berry (Vitagraph), 'Her Mother's Weakness' (Biograph) fictionalized, with 4 scene pix; 'Pawns of Destiny' (Victor) fictionalized with Florence Lawrence, Matt Moore, Charles Craig, and Laura Oakley with 4 scene pix; 'A Fight for Birthright' with the Gene Gauntier Players, fictionalized, with 6 scene pix; 'The Shadow of the Past' (Vitagraph) fictionalized, with Marguerite Bertsch with 10 scene pix; 'The Good for Nothing' (Essanay) fictionalized, with Edwin August, Ormi Hawley, Arthur Matthews, ... read more