Motive Power". Monthly Magazine by Ian Allan Ltd. 12 copies for the Year 1989.



YEAR 1989

(Ian Allan Ltd.)

This item consists of 12 x A4 size copies of the "Motive Power" magazine for the year 1989 published by Ian Allan Ltd. ISSN 0952-2867. Original price of the magazines = £1.35p each from anuary to June and £1.40 each from July to December. The magazines are in very good condition. Total weight packed = 1820gm..

Main subjects:- (From front covers).

Jan. : Freightliner Modernisation. New DTV. Three more 'Firsts'.

Feb: Class 89: New Detailed Drawings. Railfreight Depot Symbols..

Mar: More on Derby RTC. Upth Valley to Cwmmawr.

Apl: MK4 Coaches - First Pictures. Westbury Area Freight Centre.

May: Class 91 drawings. NSE's New Snow Train. Inverness Floods.

Jun : Ilford Depot. Extra Colour - 5 New Liveries.

Jul : Highland Rail in the 90's. Coalville Open Day Preview.

Aug : New Liveries - Extra News Pix. The Baker's Dozen Branches.

Sep. Steadfast Class 60. 'Island Line' Class 483. 'Express Class 158'.

Oct: : The Chunnel Shuttle. Island Line's New Trains.

Nov : Currock's New Wagon Fleet. North London Line into the 1990s.

Dec: Class 158 Express on Test. InterCity 125 Launched.

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