Motley Crue Shout at the Devil Box Set Figures

Attention all Motley Fans, is your chance to own the limited edition deluxe Shout at the Devil Box set Action Figures by Mcfarlane Toys .
This box set is hard to find. It has never been opened and has little wear on the outside box from being stored and handled, That is why it is listed used, do to handling box wear. Other wise the actual figures are in mint condition. The Famous four that started a whole new meaning to being a Rockstar in the true Motley Crue image. wild crazy and full of action.
So come now children of the beast, rise forth with fist in the air, a scream in your heart and SHOUT AT THE DEVIL!
HAPPY BIDDING! I will post pictures as soon as i can get them uploaded to my computer, Sorry!

Note: shipping cost to Mexico is $37.00 U.S., China is $50.00 U.S., Poland is $46.00 U.S., Hopefully this helps answers possible shipping questions. Sorry that shipping cost for International Shipping is so high, But I have no control over U.S.P.S. charges since the package is a large item and based on dimensions and weight. Thank you, Happy Bidding.

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