New Motor Co Whitesburg Kentucky FORD V8 Dealer Watch Fords Go By Handstamp Z66

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An enlarged image is worth a thousand words. Note: Great early Ford dealer advertising with handstamps on front and back

Image has been enlarged for ease of inspection. Look over carefully. I'm email friendly: don't hesitate to ask questions before bidding!

Seller's Sales Pitch: A fine item to add to your collection.

Please note: eBay USA and have informed me (many different answers and interpretations of their rules by different customer service reps ) that if you live in Germany, France, Austria! you are not allowed to buy Third Reich stamps that depict Hitler although they are for sale in the thousands on your home country eBay sites. Additionally, you may not buy covers that are ANTI-Hitler. It is very confusing to me but in order to protect my account, I must exclude your countries from my shipping list. Please do not bid on these stamps or covers. Contact customer service if this is not a correct interpretation of eBay rules in your country or contact your government officials and petition them to allow stamps collectors to be stamp collectors
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