Motorcycle Club Colors, Biker Club, Full Patch set.,

This auction is for a "Full Patch" set of SATANS ANGELS colors. Vest is leather, and patches are all embroidered. Do your home work. Please know this item is sold as a collectors item. It isn't a good idea to wear this vest, it depicts the wearer as a club member. Law Enforcement, and clubs will not take it lightly.

Please display this vest in your home, Bar, or Office. Nice example of gang colors can be used for education on the subject.

I don't care how you use it it is sold to the public. Please bid knowing what you are buying. It should not be worn in public. This is disrespectful to members of clubs and gangs that are members of clubs, and gangs.

I will mail out the vest the next mail day, soon as the Post Office opens.