Motorworks / BBI / Elite Force / Ultimate Soldier XD 1/18 Scale Fw-190D Red - 3

1/18 Ultimate Soldier XD 1/18 Scale Fw-190D Red - 3 PLEASE WAIT FOR INVOICE FOR ANY PURCHASE The purchase of this model also includes the historically accurate tail decals that can be applied using Microsol, Microset, Gloss coat, Matte coat, and an airbrush. I have many different versions to choose from. You can choose to either have the decal applied, or shipped for your own application. If you choose for me to apply the decal there will be an additional 10.00 Charge. The process of applying the decal takes several hours. It involves 10 light coatings of a gloss coat, application of Micro sol and microset, then 10 more light coats of a matte coat, and involves using an airbrush.This sale is for the "New in Box" Fw-190D only