LOT 57 Seller's Estimate: USD 600 - 900

CHUNQIU/ZHANGUO – A mottled color but pure and smooth jade bracelet with no pattern in and out.春秋战国 素面玉瑗(玉镯)D:5.3cm; Inner D:4.9cm; W:13mm; Weight:13g


Lot 19 ~ Lot 73 are all from a Hong Kong-born senior collector Mr. Wong. In the late forties, Wang's father worked for the Guangzhou National Government at the electric company as executives. At that time, he had already collected Chinese jades for two decades. His collections estimated to be more than one hundred pieces of quality jades. Due to the war, Wang's father resigned from his job in Guangzhou in 1948, fled to Hong Kong and became an established entrepreneur. During 1960s and 1970s, he gave away nearly half of his fine jade collection to his closest friends, family and children. The rest of the jade treasures, Wang brought them along with him and immigrated to Canada in 1990.
本场拍卖会Lot 19 ~ Lot 73共55件精品玉器雕件,均来自资深收藏家港裔王先生,七十来岁的慈祥长者。 王先生的父亲于上世纪四十年代在广州国民政府下属的电气公司任高管,其时已收藏中国古玉达二十年之久,收藏的精品玉器达100多件。 由于战乱, 王先生的父亲1948年辞去广州的工作之后, 辗转逃到香港重新安家创业, 不久获得富足, 上世纪六七十年代转送了近半精品玉器给至交亲友, 并将今次上拍的所有玉器件下承子女。 王先生带随这批玉器珍品于1990年移民加国。

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