MOTU 896 96Khz Firewire Audio Interface Great Condition

This unit is in perfect working order. Minimal wear and tear. Comes with Driver disk, power cable and firewire cable maybe the box if I can find it. the only reason i'm letting this baby go is because I upgraded to the 896mk3. If you have never had a MOTU product before, let me assure you that this is one of the best interfaced out t even at 96KHz. This is perfect for someone on a budget looking to get something high quality.

This unit will cure any latency problems you may have with any sound card.

Please ask any questions you may have. Shipping US ONLY! $24.99 UPS with tracking and signature required or similar services.

The FireWire protocol pioneered by Apple offers high data transfer rates as well as hot-plugging capability, making it ideal for attaching audio devices. However, t hasn't yet been the rush of launches that happened with USB and PCI, perhaps because of the lack of native FireWire sockets on Windows-based portables. So far only MOTU, who specialise in Mac-only software, have made any serious impression, first with their 828, and now the flagship 896.

Other manufacturers are out t, notably Metric Halo and Swissonic, but it's the 828 that is currently the solution of choice for those wishing to add multiple inputs and outputs to their FireWire-equipped computer. The 896 develops
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