MOTU Castle Grayskull with Point Dread NrMint+ Amazing

Masters of the Universe Castle Grayskull with Point Dread NrMint, NrComplete
Alright folks. It doesn't get any better then this. This is YOUR Castle Greyskull. This is the one you stop at, look at, and KNOW is for you. This auction will not last long. This comes from my personal collection. This was my Grayskull and I pass it on to you. The Castle itself looks great. It's truly a gem. The stickers look great. One on the floor has a slight turn up but it can easily be pushed back down. I just never cared enough to bother with it. It also comes with the original cardboard cut out pieces. They look great. There are no broken parts on the Castle itself. The weapons rack has one peg broken off, and the elevator though functional has the lower part broken from age. It can EASILY be glued back I just didn't bother with it. It's not a big deal. Point Dread is complete and clean. The far rear tabs on the Castle attachment portion are broken off. This does not affect it staying on the Castle. It still attaches and holds in place. I didn't even notice until I was taking it down. Stickers look good. None of this stuff is dusty. It's clean. I take care of my stuff. I take care of the stuff I sale. When you buy from me you buy from someone who cares about toys. Included is the weapons to the weapons rack. You get the ones pictured. Not positive
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