MOTU Classics Horde Troopers MISB MOTUC Masters of the Universe w/ white mailer

Masters of the Universe Classics MOTUC
Horde Troopers This auction is for a MISB (mint-in-sealed-box) Masters of the Universe Classics Horde Troopers action figures. The figures are unopened and in their original box. Horde Troopers were released October 15, 2013 and are currently sold out and no longer available on . Any figure from 2012 and on will not be re-issued. And all basic figures now cost $25 for subscribers and $27 for non-subscribers (both new and re-issues).
I bought multiple (up to 4) Club Eternia subscriptions each year and kept 2 figures for my personal collection. The figure whose package was in the worst condition was opened and kept for my loose collection. The figure whose package was in the best condition was kept for my MOC collection. Any other extra figures were sold. Now I'm selling all of my MOC figures. All figures are first editions meaning they do not have the "The Original" burst on their packaging. There are a few early figures from 2009 that I obtained from eBay. If that is the case it will be noted above. Otherwise I have been the sole owner of these figures. These figures spent most of their time stored away in boxes until they were organized and moved into cabinets. I'm running out of room to store them and looking to down-size my collection. Over the next few weeks I will be putting
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