MOTU Snake Mountain + 13 Figures ‘82-‘87 Skeletor Kobra KhanTwo-Bad (FLAT BACK)


Vintage Masters of the Universe Snake Mountain (Wave 3 ‘84) and Evil Warriors Lo t

“Skeletor” “Beast-Man” “Mer-Man” (Wave 1 ‘82) “Trap-Jaw” “Tri-Klops” “Screeech” (Wave 2 ‘83) “Battle Armor Skeletor” “Kobra Khan” “Webstor” “Whiplash” (Wave 3 ’84) “Two-Bad” (FLAT BACK VERSION) “Stinkor” (Wave 4 ’85) “Ninjor” (Wave 6 ’87)

Snake Mountain (see below for accessories)

Skeletor with havoc staff, sword, removable harness, and belt

Beast-Man with whip and removable chest armor (NOTE: Missing 2 removable spiked arm bands. End of the whip is frayed. Face shows some wear.)

Mer-Man with removable chest armor. (NOTE: Missing sword.)

Trap-Jaw with laser cannon, claw, and removable belt. Jaw is still working. (NOTE: Missing hook and glow-in-the-dark ring. Tiny tip of his helmet is missing.)

Tri-Klops with sword, removable chest armor. Spinning eye-piece still intact. (NOTE: Missing glow-in-the-dark warrior ring.)

Screeech with removable armor and perch and working wing flapping action

Battle Armor Skeletor with sword and working battle damage chest piece (NOTE: missing havoc staff)

Kobra Khan with laser gun and working pump action spray head

Webstor with laser rifle and working backpack/grappling hook ascender

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