Mouloudji Marcel Le Petit Invite 1989 Signed First Ed.

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Balland, 1989, Paris.

First edition.

Size: 21,6 x 13,9 cm. Pp. 205, 1l.

Softcover, a fine copy, a little yellowed.

The copy is inscribed and signed by the author.

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Marcel Mouloudji, born September 16, 1922 in Paris, died June 14, 1994 in the same city, is a singer, composer and actor French.

Mouloudji Marcel is the son of an Algerian (Kabyle), Mouloudji Said, born in 1896 in the village of LeFlay (Tribe Has Waghlis, Sidi-Aich daïra), and Eugenie Roux, a French native of Britain, born in 19011. He is afflicted with a slight squint. The family is facing serious problems: Marcel's mother was interned for mental disorder and his father, illiterate, housed in a maid's room, is struggling to raise her son, the eldest is seriously ill and the second a dreamer Find shelter in random encounters.
During his teens, he joined with his brother Andrew in a youth movement of the Left (the Red Falcons, close to the Socialist Party, led by educators from various streams of the working class) 2.
In 1935, he met
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