MOUNTAIN GAZETTE Lot of 86 ISSUES•1974-2007 Ed Abbey•George Sibley•Andrew Weil

U p for auction ar e over 80 vintage issues of MOUNTAIN GAZETTE, #26-131 (wi th just 7 issues missing), published from 1974-2007. MOUNTAIN GAZETTE, started in 1966 as SKIERS' GAZETTE , announ ced last Nov ember that it would cease publication. And so it has. Please bid and give these a new home.
MOUNTAIN GAZ ETTE was a magazine that spoke to the heart and soul of Mountain Country and the Great Southwest by covering every creative base imaginable — from long and smart essays about the death and growth of sleepy mountain towns to cutting-edge journalism focusing on water rights issues to light-hearted existential stories about hiking, skiing, rafting, climbing, pedaling through both the interior and exterior landscapes of deserts on up to lands with more vertical terrain. For over 40 years, Mountain Gazette covered its home range like no other publication.
There was nothing like MOUNTAIN GAZETTE when it was in its heyday. I n it appeared articles by many of the great writers and photos by many of the great chroniclers of the New West. Often these stories appear ed no where else so here you can have your private stash of articles, photos and stories by the best: Edward Abbey, Rob Schultheis, Lito Tejada-Flores, Peter Shelton, George Sibley, Galen Rowell, Robert Chamberlain, Dick Dorworth, Andrew Weil, Rob Pudim, Barry Corbet,
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