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The Manul, also known as Pallas’ cat ( Otocolobus manul ), is a small, unique, and little-known wild cat inhabiting the Central Asian steppes. Harsh, wind-swept, and often featureless landscapes have resulted in special adaptations that allow the Manul to cope with these circumstances.
The cats are plump and short-legged, albeit no larger than a domestic cat. The ears are short and placed far apart creating a flat-headed appearance. Dense, long fur emphasizes the stout body shape. Even the eyes are unusual among cats, always maintaining a round shape. Manuls therefore, lack the characteristic slotted “cat-eyes”.
Like most small cat species, Manuls live solitary lives. The days are spent in burrows or small caves. Come nightfall however, Pallas’ cats leave their dens and hunt the grassy fields for gerbils, pikas, other rodents and small birds. Natural predators, such as eagles and large carnivorous mammals occasionally prey on Manuls. Unfortunately however hunters and poachers represent the biggest threat to this amiable feline. Country Mongolia Year 2014 Face Value 500 Togrog Metal Silver Fineness 999/1000 Weight 1Oz 31,1g Diameter 38,61 mm Mintage 2500 Quality Antique finish Certificate COA Yes Presentation Case No

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