Hello everyone…thanks so much for looking. This will be our second time around listing all these card lots. Last month when I decided to do this to help out my sister and her kids by doing these auctions the response was tremendous. We must thank all the customers who have made purchases and truly thank those repeat customers who keep buying more and more. We have gotten so many emails/message with words of encouragement and they are all very touching…so THANK YOU!!!!!!I can’t begin to tell you how much of a difference you have made in my family’s lives. So far we sold about 300 lots and have gotten 8 returns. I am not here to cheat anybody out of anything so if you don’t like what you get…just return them for full refund…no problem. The few negative feedbacks that we received are from rival competitor card sellers who used other accounts to buy from me just so they could try and make me look bad..they never contacted me saying they were unhappy or asked for refund….WHICH I ALWAYS GIVE!!! I am an honest hardworking father/brother and son who is just trying to help my family through some rough times…that’s it..I have a regular 9-5 and when I get home at 7pm I work until 1am on ebay trying to get my sister and nieces some money they truly need. This has become very time consuming and I do my absolute best to make everyone happy.

If you win you get a lot of 50 different sports cards from my sister’s deadbeat husband’s massive and valuable collection!!

Here is a quick story about how I came about selling these cards:
My sister’s deadbeat ex-husband thought it was okay to take off to Vegas with his secretary while leaving my sister and her 5 kids at home. After no contact for 3 weeks he emailed….that’s right emailed my sister to tell her that he will not be coming home….ever!!! Not only that he said he would be sending some “people” to come and pick up his things….especially his cherished sports card collection which took up a whole 12 x 20 room in his basement. Well obviously we did not let the “people” take anything from my sister’s house. At first my sisters was going to make a giant bon fire and videotape herself burning all of his things and then email him the video to piss him off. But cooler heads prevailed and I told her we should sell his things to raise money for the kids. She has already sold his Harley, suits, jewelry and now I’m getting my revenge on this complete jerk by selling his sports cards. He spent thousands and thousands of dollars on this stuff over the past 20 years.

I honestly have no idea or interest in these cards as far as what’s good and what’s not good. There are 200 to 300 huge white boxes of cards. Some saying auto, game used, 1980’s, 1970's, 1960's, football, baseball, Basketball and some Hockey. He also has about 100 binders of cards that are jam packed . Just last week he sent my sister an email stating that he wants these cards back as said he had hundreds of thousands dollars of value in his cards. Well he won’t be getting anything back and I have moved all the cards out of my sister’s house for safe keeping

How I will be selling off these lots

The breakdown will be 50 cards mixed between football, Baseball, and basketball, hockey cards but mostly baseball and football. Remember you could get a lot with a ton of good cards or one with a few good cards, it’s all random. Since I don't know what is really going into the lots I can't guarantee anything If you do not like the lot you received I will give you a full refund with no questions to be asked or you can even send me back the lot and I’ll give you a different one. If you are unhappy give me a email and we can resolve it. Please give me a chance to fix any problems before leaving any negative or neutral feedback. I really truly want everyone to be happy with their purchase and we really do appreciate all the support from everyone


Shipping will be $4.99 for the 1 st lot and free for any additional lots you buy

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