MOVIC D Gray Man Charamate Mascot Figure, Full Set of 13

Attention :

D Gray Man Charamate Mascot Figure
Full set of 13
Approx 1.5 inch (4 cm)
New (Packets are opened for checking the contents)
Refer to the pictures.
You will get 13 items in the above pictures.
(They are samples in the pictures.You will get new ones.)
Allen Walker 1
Allen Walker 2
Yu Kanda 1
Yu Kanda 2
Lavi 1
Lavi 2
Lenalee Lee
Komui Lee
Reever Wenham
Road Kamelot
Tyki Mikk
The Millennium Earl
Allen Walker -special ver.
The items appearing in the above pictures are all which I send.
The person who worries about the state of the box, please refrain from bids.
SAL(Surface Air Lifted)-Economy Shipping-No insurance and tracking number Asia, U.S. territories (Wake, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Midway, and others), Palau Oceania, Middle East, North・ Central America Europe South America, Africa Shipping fee US$9.99 US$11.99 US$13.99 US$15.99 Delivery days About 2-4 weeks About 2-4 weeks About 3-4 weeks About 3-4 weeks Attention Maximum size :
Length + Width + Thickness = 90 cm (permissible deviation 2 mm),
provided the maximum length is 60 cm (permissible
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