movie camera Admira 8E, Mirar 2,8/12,5mm.Lens,2x8 mm.,Meopta,old rare

moviecamera Admira 8E, Mirar 2,8/12,5mm.Lens,2x8 mm.,Meopta,oldrare

This movie camera was produced in 1950 and was equipped with a turret with
lens: a Meopta Mirar 12,5mm f/2,8
Movie camera for shooting thc image on 2x8 mm film strip
movie camera Admira 8E Ser. No. 10414921
Lens: Mirar 2,8/12,5mm. ser. No. 1044261
fix focus. Drive: spring type. Frequency: 10, 16, 24, 48 any 64 pictures per second.
Viewfinder: tilting optical with parallax correction. No exposure meter.
Movie camera is in working order,is in preserved condition.
All mobile parts are in a normal working condition
Some sign of wear,main on chrome ,pleas check actual pictures.
Optics working .Focusing is good and aperture works fine.
The diaphragm blades move nicely at every aperture position.
In a very detailed examination i found slight-tiny'cleaning mark on lens on coating.