"Movies" vintage movie magazine March 1933 Shearer Stuart West Weissmuller

"Movies" is distinctive among among movie magazines of the 1930s for its frank sexual content, a reflection of Hollywood's pre-Code attitudes. Most of the photographs, many of them full-page or two-page spreads, present their subjects in revealing "cheesecake" poses. A regular feature is "Hollywood Baloonacy"--several pages of risqué cartoons. Many of the month's movie releases are shown in squibs with casts and brief judgements. There is also a regular column on Broadway news.
The subjects of this issue (68 pp.) include Norma Shearer, Cecil B. DeMille and stars, Gloria Stuart, Johnny Weissmuller and Mae West in page-facing portraits Ginger Rogers, Buck Jones.
The magazine is in an extraordinary state of preservation (see illustrations). Although the tinting of some interior pages has slightly faded, the colors of the cover drawing are particularly vivid.