MOVING PICTURE WORLD exhibitor magazine May 1, 1920 Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, The Sea Wolf!

An Original Vintage Exhibitor Magazine (measures 9 1/4" x 12" [23 x 30 cm]; 132 pages)
Moving Picture World, one of the main trade magazines sent to movie theater owners starting in the early 1900s (U.S.)
Condition: good to very good -- There is some pencil writing on the front cover. Note that we have attempted to check to see if the magazine is complete and uncut, and we believe that it is. However, there is a slight possibility that we might have missed a small cut or a page that was neatly removed, and if that happens, you can return the magazine. We have solely provided an overall description of the condition of the magazine, but you can also refer to our super-sized images. Please bid (or not bid) based on that overall grade and by viewing the super-sized images.