MPC Walt Disney haunted mansion model kit

's the one you really want. Still sealed except for a V-shaped area that is 3/4" by 3/4" w the seal is split-near the piano player's hands and for 1 inch at the bottom corner of the box. Top of the box is concave and two of the four sides are a little deformed also- caused by a storage and temperature changes. This model comes with the new concept of ZAP/ACTION! The MPC model number is 1 - 5052. A small amount of cardboard showing through for about 1/2" along the top edge and at the top and bottom right corners. I will pay for insurance on this item to cover both of us. HINT-the reserve is below what the recent example went for on eBay about a week ago by a nice dollar amount so as to give you guys room to fight for it and ensure that someone will have their hope and desire become a reality.