MPM 1/48 He-177A-5 WITH EXTRAS!!!!! Hard to find.

MPM Kit #. 48058 - Heinkel He 177 A-5 Greif
Original Kit Contents and Media:
*App. 320 parts in gray injection moulded plastic
*19 clear injection moulded parts
*4 parts in yellow resin
*Markings for two aircraft. Extra Stuff included :
*Loon Models No-Cut Conversion #L048027 - Properly bulged rear bomb bay & lower rear fuselage (resin)
*Eduard #EX186: Die-Cut Flexible Mask for He-177A-5
*Eduard # 49365: He-177 Interor Photo-etch details. (there's at least 2 frets of photo-etch in this set. Not positive since I've never opened it.)
*Eduard # 48543: He-177 Exterior Photo-etch details
*Eduard # FE365: He-177 Interior Photo-etch details. (haven't looked to see how/if this set differs from Eduard #49365)
As far as I'm aware, this kit's only available overseas now. Retail is $130.00 when you can find it. The start price is what I originally paid for the kit, so, if you win you're basically getting all the added stuff for free. This auction comes with a whole bunch of cool stuff in addition to the model itself, and really is a bargain for whoever wins it. I've listed it as "Used" simply because I HAD to open it and check it out when I got it, of course (laughing) But, it's all there and then some. I'd actually like to keep & build it myself, but, don't seem to have the time I'd like
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