Best possible strike of this scarce New York Foreign Mail Cancel on a sound 148.


There are close up scans at the bottom of all my auctions Mr Fancy Cancel APS member since 1967 -- #57851 :::: eBay member since 1996 -- 100% Positive Rating

I am frequently as "what's this worth". To help answer this question I am including previously marked prices on items when I have them. Remember they will often be several years old and most prices have gone up.

Email with any questions. I'll try to answer quickly - you don't have to go through ebay to email me - just Mr. Fancy Cancel -- Frank

Terms the small print .

All items are guaranteed as described. If you find a misdescribed item you amy return it for a full refund including shipping. We do the best we can, but mistakes happen occassionally. Please email or call to tell us before returning an item. Our phone number is on every invoice.

I now carry private insurance on all shipments over $100 in the USA. Cost of shipping is $4.00 for the entire shipment and includes Certified Mail and insurance from Lloyds of London. If your shipment comes to over $100 and your shipping comes to less then $4 - please add the difference for insured Certified Mail shipping

Large lots are not returnable unless they do not match the description. I try very hard to describe my lots accurately, please email before you bid if you have any questions.

The following applies to FANCY CANCELS ONLY:
Fancy cancels are collected for their cancels. Many stamps that are worthless to others are still collectable for their cancels. I will try to indicate if there are any hidden faults in these, but may not bother to mention any that show up in the scan. Fancy cancels are not returnable for these faults - please email if you have any questions. Email if you have any additional questions about these or any other stamps. If you request early enough - I'll be happy to dip a stamp.

Policy on certificates
Notice for that lots are being submitted for a certificate must be made and a copy of the request for certification must be mailed or emailed within 7 days. If the stamp is found to be bad I will refund both the cost of the stamp and the certificate. However, to avoid ridiculous situations, no items under $20 final bid price may be put on extension. No refunds will be made after 120 days unless a further extension is requested before the end of the 120 days. We accept APS, Foundation, PSE and Weiss. No graded certificates accepted and encased stamps may not be returned under any circumstances. A certificate of no opinion is not grounds for returning a stamp.


New Jersey residents must add 7% sales tax

I don't charge sales tax - I just collect it for New Jersey

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