Two (2) Mr Heater Gas Lamps (not Humphrey, Paulin, Falks)

Somebody should get a good buy on this one. You are bidding on two (2) Mr Heater interior, wall-mounted gas lamps. They are not a matched set. One is light gray; the other is brass. I’ve listed them as used but they are both brand new in the sense that they have never been used to light a room. I bought these lamps new and hooked them up. When I went to fire them up for the first time I got a lot more flame and pressure at the mantle than I was expecting. I THINK the problem was that they came equipped with tips or jets for low-pressure city gas and I hooked them up to high-pressure bottled propane. The paperwork says that, new-in-the-box, they should be set up for propane. But I don’t think they were. I think the paperwork is wrong. Or maybe I am. I feel confidant that, to somebody who knows how to hook them up properly and install the correct jets, these would be great lamps. They come with one full set of factory instructions, some alternate ceramic burner heads & miscellaneous flare fittings, one rigid and one sock-type mantle. Sold AS IS. I will not accept returns.