L@@K it's a Beauty of a HEART.MR.Jerry Bodner from Louieville,KY a master of Miniature.I was at the N.K.C.A knifeshow in Dalton,GA and saw this little Beauty.I sad to myself this will make one DYNA-O-MITE motherday gife.But money i blow at the knifeshow sad sell.So is a Heart made by this master Miniature maker.IT's 1 inch around in heart shape.Filework up the outline outside liner setting on a white under liner.Beautiful Abalone shell and a sripe of Goldlip pearl outline with white liner.Both sides are same.Now the knife a Miniature fix blade 440cc stainless with Filework on top and a Abalone handles it's only a inch with key chain on back.The knife goes in one way to fix tight for hanging from a chain.I'm looking for Jerry name on this beauty but i gress he don't find a place to put it with out missing up the Abalone shell.This is a master piece by this awesome Miniature maker.He put a Miniature business card in with this knife and heart.The Ladys will have something to talk about with this hanging off her neck.THANKS and THANKS for L@@KING P.S the reserve is low for this astist work!!!!