MR. WILLOWBY'S CHRISTMAS TREE, written and illustrted by Robert Barry. 1963. This has been a first - grab Christmas favorite for the little ones since we first had it, probably when it was very new. This is a different edition. Done in 2000. Large format and full color, but the art is the same.

Wonderful , lilting rhymes tell this story. Illustrations rich enough to study for detail, some with guides for your eye to follow. Simple plot begins with the wealthy Mr. Willowby having his Christmas tree delivered. It happens to be a bit tall, so some is cropped from the top. The left-over is enough to make a fine tree for the upstairs maid, but just a little too tall for her place. It is cropped again - and again - and again as the story procedes. Recipients of the leftovers are the gardener, then a bear, fox, rabbit, and finally a mouse .

Children love to discover that the mouse lives in a hole just in the room where Mr. Willowby's tree is set up. The pictures show us the joy of each person's and animal's Christmas celebrations and the path of the tree top through the snow of the forest, back to the mansion.

I LOVE IT! and I think you will , too.

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