MRC Easy Model 35030 M1A1 Abrams Kuwait 1991 1/72 Scale Model

Easy Model's pre-built and painted military vehicles, aircraft, and ships are highly detailed and historically accurate. They feature superbly detailed features and authentic paint schemes. Their superb quality and value will be appreciated by modeling enthusiasts and die-cast collectors. Produced in the United States, the M1A1 is a well armored, main battle tank. The M1A1 "Abrams" has many upgrades including uranium armor, greater firepower and increased defense capabilities than its M1 predecessor. This hand assembled and painted model has extreme detailing throughout, rubber tracks, and an impressive rotating turret. Painting and markings are unique to the M1A1 used in Kuwait, 1991. A unique, full-color nameplate is included in this magnificently detailed model. Unlike diecast metal, finer detail can be molded in plastic, and this Easy Model "Platinum Collectible" tank is sure to be a valuable addition to any 1/72 scale collection or diorama. 1:72 scale model military vehicle. Ground Armor Collection from Easy Model.High quality plastic construction with fine detail parts. Display stand included.
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