Mrs Beasley Doll Voice Repair/Makeover/Hair Plugs/Glass

NO One Does More Than I to Get Your Doll back in Shape

I Clean, Repair, Voicebox Repair, Restuff, Add up to 20 Hairplugs (If Needed) and I privide a Free Pair of Glasses with every Make-over.

THIS AUCTION IS FOR REPAIR AND CLEAN- UP ONLY , NOT FOR A DOLL, You're buying a voice repair/ clean-up!!

I usually have the doll no more than a week so I have a very fast turn-around, I start to work on your doll the same day I receive her. You send her one week and she will be home the next week unless she has major problems . If your doll is in need of some New Hair Plugs (w her hair is thin or she only now has a hole w t used to be hair) I will add up to 15 - 20 "FREE Hair PLUGS" when needed ...if any additonal plugs are needed you can get a dozen more for $1.00

Do you have an old Mrs. Beasley doll that's showing her age, she has Lost Her Voice, lost her Glasses, Has Spots, Stains, Rips, Bent-Over Neck...Bad Odors...and Needs an Makeover?

I will repair voicebox, bathe, restuff , repair any holes or bad repairs (that are do-able), wash her hair and give her a New pair of Glasses.. I will also add up to 10 "FREE Hair PLUGS" (w needed) any additonal plugs are 15 cents each.

Just send your doll to me as she is (Remove any aprons or collars, unless her clothes need cleaning)... I will repair her voice
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