MS. Pac-Man Arcade Wiring Harness & Transformer Board

This is a genuine Midway Ms. Pac-Man wiring harness and power supply transformer board assembly that was removed from a working machine that was disassembled due to cabinet issues. While it came from a Ms. Pac-Man machine, this can also be used for an original Pac-Man. This is the COMPLETE wiring harness which includes all of the sub-assembly connectors, etc., and nothing was cut or damaged in the removal process. The transformer board is also complete with the fuses and power cord. This is basically ready to install in your Pac-Man or Ms. Pac-Man cabinet. It even includes the small sub-assemblies such as the kill switch for the back door, the "hidden" power switch, etc. For clarification, this does NOT include the main Ms. Pac-Man game board... only the wiring harness and power transformer board assembly as described.
This will be shipped USPS Parcel Post due to the weight (almost 18 pounds). There is no handling charge and you will ONLY pay for the actual postage cost
I will also be listing the control panel and coin door assembly from this machine in separate auctions so please take a look if you need one of those.
Due to the age of these components and the possibility of assembly error, I cannot offer a guarantee. I will guarantee that this transformer board and wiring harness assembly is in great shape and will be
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