New Ms Pac man Galaga Pacman cocktail table video arcade game free shipping

New Ms Pacman Pac man Galaga cocktail table,this cabinet has the 3 most popular arcade games ever made , Ms Pacman Pac man and Galaga .

It has 2 control panels ,one on each side to play with one or 2 people .

This is a reproduction of 1980s Ms Pacman cocktail table,it is made in USA, it has commercial quality silk screen artwork,powder coat steel control panels,glass chips are made in USA,new power supply with fan,it has heavy glass top,like you see in arcade,not acrylic or plexi glass .Happ control red ball joysticks ,buttons .

This auction is for one black cocktail cabinet .

List of new parts :

New wood cabinet ,hard wood control panel holder ,made by local cabinet maker .

New Furniture Glide, Height Adjustable - Black Nylon & Nickel ,will not mark your floor,safe for your wood floor or any floor .

New power supply with fan .

New license Ms Pacman Galaga artwork ,silk screen ,3M material ,high quality commercial artwork ,should last years .

New jamma harness .

New high quality Happ control red ball joystick ,like original Ms Pacman ,new Happ control buttons .Microswitch reliability tested to 10,000,000 cycles ,should last years .

New steel powder coat control panels ,glass clips ,made by local steel shop ,same size ,same style as 1980
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