MSIR Shiba Do Not Disturb Sign Watercolor Print #049

One Shiba Inu "DO NOT OPEN THIS DOOR" Sign & Signed Watercolor Print of Red Shiba

It's every dog owner's worry: a repairman, meter-reader, the kids, realtor or house guest opens the wrong door and gets startled by the dog; Or the ultimate worry: the dog gets out, wanders away and is never seen again. Do you really want to have to explain what a Shiba Inu is to the average person while you're frantically looking for yours?

Stop this from happening at the threshold with friendly-worded signs specific to your breed that don't make your dog sound vicious: Don't open this door! This is especially handy to the person who has a large breed or one that's unfairly regarded as "unfriendly."

Made of laminated weather-hardy stock, the cards can be hung on exterior/interior doors, dog crates and gates. Each card features a bright red stop sign that even little ones recognize means "stop!" and a Shiba Inu silhouette;

The sign included in this auction reads:
Shiba Inu Inside - Do Not Disturb; PLEASE KEEP DOOR SHUT!!

This item has a retail value of $1.99 .


Red Shiba Inu

This is a open edition print of a watercolor by Ron Krajewski.

Print is hand signed on the back of the print.

Printed image is unframed, unmatted, and measures 8x10 inches, and is
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