MTG Akroma's Memorial Magic 2013 NM-Mint, English

Akroma's Memorial
Magic 2013
Condition: Near Mint | Language: English

Grading Scale
Near Mint: Near Mint cards will show little to no wear. There might be small imperfections i.e. a scratch, nick or slight border dent. Foil cards will have bright, lustrous surfaces with little to no clouding or wear.
Light Play: Light Play cards will show small imperfections such mild corner or border wear, small bends, light scratches, small nicks and minor scuffing. Foil cards may also show minor clouding and may not appear as lustrous as a near mint.
Moderate Play: Moderate Play cards will show visible wear. There may be noticeable bends or creases, visible scratches or nicks, shuffle wear and tear, surface scratches or scuffing, slight discoloration, and minor whiting. Foils may have clouded surfaces, surface wear, or surface dirt.
Heavy Play: We guarantee Heavy Play cards to still maintain tournament legality despite any wear and tear. Heavy play cards will exhibit signs of play such as, major bends or creases, extensive whiting around borders, corner wear, surface damage, nicks, scuffs, scratches etc. Heavy Play may also have signs of inking or be written on by someone other than the artist or Richard Garfield. Foils will have a significantly scratched or cloudy surface.
Damaged: Damaged cards are no longer tournament
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