MtG Clearance *^* x 2 Tundra Revised VF/EX- Dual Land

Hello and thanks for viewing my auction!

Up for bid are x 2 Tundra in VF/EX- condition from Revised Edition.

I have 56 Auctions that will be running over the next 7 days or so, providing a great variety of older and newer cards including, dual lands, shock lands, fetch lands and other useful cards from Unlimited - Mirrodin Besieged.

Have a look at my other auctions and save money on shipping (see below). For the buyer that wins and pays for the most auctions won before the end of March they will receive a Tundra from Revised edition in VF/EX condition. The buyer with the second most auctions won and paid will receive a Scrubland in VF condition.

Shipping is $1.50 for the first auction and $0.50 for each after up to 5 auctions and then all additional auctions won after will ship for no additional charge ($3.50 max charge on shipping).

Payment is expected within 5 days of the end of the final auction. If you'd like to work out a longer time to pay please contact me before bidding. I will ship within 48 hours of payments received. I ship in protected envelopes (bubbled or padded) and top loaders and provide delivery confirmation as well.
I have been a long time MTG player and collector and have taken great care of my cards. I and am trying to raise money to pay for school and moving expenses so
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