MTG dark ascension JAPANESE booster box factory sealed! magic the gathering

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The Innistrad set introduced us to a world of gothic horror where humans lived in a tenuous balance with darker forces like vampires, werewolves, and zombies. Now the Dark Ascension set returns you to that world, but this time, the monsters are winning, and the humans have been forced to bar the gates of their settlements in defense. Your task is to search Innistrad’s new landscape for the best tools to use in your never-ending quest to outsmart your fellow Planeswalkers. What will you find?

While it’s bad enough for Innistrad’s human settlements that their foes have become more resilient, things are still worse. Vampires and demons have developed a taste for human prey, and some humans have even turned against their own kind with abilities that sacrifice their brethren for fun and profit. Provide any of these creatures with the right raw materials, and they’ll be happy to do your dirty work for you.

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