MTG Innistrad Bundle

Here you have a collection of Innistrad MTG Intro packs and Event Decks. These are all unopened and unplayed with, being excess stock. Save over 50% off of the RRP of buying these decks separately. All cards are valid for tournament play and you get enough cards here to build some awesome decks. You get:
Deathfed Event Deck Eldritch Onslaught Intro Pack Repel The Dark Intro Pack
That is 180 cards for the price of just over 1 full pack!!!
Fear the Night Innistrad is a dangerous plane filled with powerful magic. If you can overcome—or overpower—the evil here, you'll reap the rewards, unleashing those horrors on any who stand before you. How will your decks embrace this chilling new world?
Horrifying creatures have always existed on Innistrad. The humans of this world have always relied on their faith to shield them from vampires and werewolves, spirits and ghouls. But of late, the holy wards and runes have begun to fail. The protection of travelers' shrines and rustic prayers grows weak. The spells of vampire slayers and wolfhunters are no longer proof against the creatures that prowl the shadows. The Lunarch, head of the revered Church of Avacyn, knows what the village priests whisper: that the archangel Avacyn has abandoned Innistrad. What will you find? This is the first block in the Innistrad set.
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