MTG Lot 4000 Uncommons including Antiquities, Legends, The Dark, Fallen Empires

Up for auction is the pictured box of Uncommons. There are approximately 4000 cards in this box. The second picture shows the Fallen Empires, Legends, The Dark, and Antiquities cards that have been put in the box. Please note that there are approximately 900 cards that are from the older sets that are not color coded, including Approximately - 400 Fallen Empires, 160 Legends, 140 The Dark, and 120 Antiquities. I do not guarantee that all of these cards from the older sets are uncommons - the bulk are probably commons, but they are a very nice seasoning for this lot of uncommons.

Please keep in mind that my wife and I sell playsets on ebay all the time and that anything we put in this box is probably not sellable as a playset (our cutoff is $2.00 per playset). This lot is an accumulation of cards that spans the last two years or so. Whenever we would get a collection of cards in, we would separate off the sellable and then set aside the unsellable cards by rarity. We just got to where we had enough cards for a full priority mail box.

About the cards - In general, I tried to put no more than 200 cards from any one set into this box. The following sets have approximately 200 cards each - M12, Scars of Mirrodin (actually 350 or so) Avacyn Restored, Innistrad, Return to Ravnica, New Phyrexia (300), M13, Shards of Alara,
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