MTG Lot - Bulk Magic Card Collection: ~10,000 Cards

I play EDH (or Commander, if you're newer to the game/format), and it recently dawned on me that since I play a format that requires only one copy of each card (maybe 3-4 if the card goes well in multiple decks), I don't need the sheer volume of cards that I have. So I decided to sell them to someone who might be able to use them.
Sets: As old as Revised/Unlimited and as new as Innistrad. Also included is an unopened set of the Knights Vs. Dragons Duel Decks.
Rarity: These are all commons and uncommons (with the exception of some cards in the aforementioned Knights Vs. Dragons). This includes a complete playset (and then some) of Innistrad commons and uncommons.
Condition: Most of the cards (I'd say 85-90%) are near-mint; a lot of the older cards are a little worn (like the ones from Revised), and some of the cards I used before I learned about card sleeves are worn too. Again, though, the vast majority are near-mint.
Value: There aren't really any hidden gems in here. While there are a couple of cards (which I'll name further on) that are noteworthy for either being worth a buck or two or just their general utility, you won't find anything super valuable. This isn't the collection to buy if you're hoping to chance into a card worth hundreds of dollars.
If you're looking to round-out your collection, whether
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