MTG magic 16 RARE lot - Dual Lands, Lion's Eye, Misdirection, Chrome Mox, Taiga

Up for sale is a collection of 16 Rare Magic the Gathering cards. I've started to clear out some of my old decks and just want to sell everything for some spending money on my upcoming vacation (hence the epic discount on this lot)
Included in this auction are the following cards and the conditions.
Lion's Eye Diamond (Mirage) - Near Mint (Sells for well over $70!) Arcbound Ravager (Darksteel) - Near Mint Taiga (3rd Edition) - Small tear at the top of the card and, Heavily Played but legal in a deck sleeve (Last one I sold in this condition sold for $27) Misdirection (Mercadian Masques) - No rips but still Heavily Played. Still legal in a deck sleeve (perfect for EDH, rather then spending $24+ on a near mint one) Natural Selection (Unlimited) - Moderately Played Tombstalker (Future Sight) - Slightly Played to Near Mint Icy Manipulator (Unlimited) - Moderately Played Chrome Mox (Mirrodin Reprint) - 2 cards, Slightly Played to Near Mint, Gold Border From the World Championship 2004 Deck: Aeo Paquette (Perfect for proxie or casual games, better than spending $15 each on an original) Underground River (9th Edition) - 4 cards, full playset. Slightly Played. Yavimaya Coast (Apocalypse) - 2 cards. Moderately Played to Slightly Played Primal Command (Lorwyn) - Moderately Played to Slightly Played
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