MTG Magic M12: x4 Jace, Memory Adept Presale!

This is a pre-sale auction for a play set (4x) of Jace, Memory Adept from the Magic the Gathering set M12 . These cards are in mint condition and will be shipped out within 1- 3 days of the M12 release which is July 15 th . All preorders are guaranteed to be shipped out by Monday the 18 th but most are shipped out on Saturday 16 th . If you purchase a common/ uncommon play set, you will receive free shipping* on all additional presales. Payment must be made by Friday, July 8th ! If you have any questions at all, please let me know and I would be happy to help. Thank your interest and have a great day!



US- $2.00 each additional $.50

Canada & Mexico $2.50 each additional $.50

International $3.00 each additional $.50

* Free shipping is applied to all other orders after the initial shipping cost of the common/ uncommon set of $9.99. To have the discount applied, please request a fee invoice and I will adjust the shipping total. The free shipping only applies to 5 common/ uncommon sets but unlimited play sets of singles.

Shipping Disclaimer : International customers may experience a longer wait for their cards due to varying shipping and customs in each country. The cards will usually arrive within 1 to 2 weeks after shipping
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