MTG Magic Personal Collection 5000+ cards lot many rares

My cousin’s collection, feel free to look at the pictures if you don‘t want to read. This is what I helped him write about it:
Hello and thanks for looking! Let me tell you about my collection -- it fits in a flat-rate LARGE usps box, at least 4000 cards total, probably more, but not more than 6000 cards. I’ve taken everything out of the binders, and the card sleeves are gone too, to other games, aside from some rares.
I liked green and red, and I didn’t like rare lands that only gave mana or found mana. I traded for cards that looked fun, so you’ll find gems like 4 Meteor Storms, 4 Necrosavants, and Verdant Successions… Best card in here is probably the English legends edition sylvan library, but it’s well-played.
Included is a starter box full of about 100 foils from all sorts of sets. They are curvy. Never used them. I guess the cards weren’t printed on the best stock. It’s right next to my formidable stack of rares. Additional rares are found in the two remaining decks, and some are in the collection of elementals I started before I quit (Force of Nature, Verdant Force (in EDH), Umbra Stalker, etc).
I took most of my decks apart -- most were some form of red/green, though I did have one all black, and one blue/white that used the flying 'thought eater' creatures from odyssey.
Assassin’s Creed is the blue/black

Now I looked through it while taking the photos and my cousin collected some odd stuff, like elementals (pic) and 100ish walls (not shown). I’d estimate closer to 300 than 200 rares because some are in the decks too. Anyway I took pictures of the EDH Stangg, the Assassins deck, the Elemental collection, the rares, and some other random stuff I found in there. I was only able to take a picture of one of the 'large stacks', there are 7 or 8 800ish card groups not pictured, including the uncommon groupings. The collection seemed more focused towards red/green with a lot of alliances, ice age (saw some Orcish Lumberjacks) champions of kamigawa, a bunch of portal one commons and a smattering of sealed decks from other sets like scars of mirrordin (most recent set in collection, only a few) and shards of alara. One sealed deck from Odyssey too that had a rare angel in it. At one point the rares were in binders, but they would not fit in the box so he took them out. The large flat rate box is packed pretty tightly with MTG. The seashell ruler I used in the pictures is NOT included in this auction.
The reason for my cousin quitting is his job situation. He was a casual, non-tournament player, liked EDH and bi...
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