MTG - New Phyrexia - Surgical Extraction - Foil - NM

Item Description:

Item: Magic the Gathering - Surgical Extraction - Foil
Series: New Phyrexia
Condition: Near Mint
Rarity: Rare

Our Grading Standards:

MINT: flawless - removed directly from the pack. We won't use this grade unless we have personally removed it!
NEAR MINT (NM): has been lightly handled or used - may have a slight rub - no whitening - often has no wear at all.
EXCELLENT (EX): may show slight whitening, minor edge nicks and/or surface wear - card still looks great - still a collectible card.
FINE (FN): will likely have some whitening, possible nicks on edges or corners, may have a light bend or crease - very suitable for play - but not likely a collectible card unless highly rare.
VERY GOOD (VG): has seen extensive play - whitening on front & back, may have nicks or scratches on surfaces / edges, light dirt along some or all of the surfaces, possible bend or crease (usually noted in description) - should probably be played in a colored sleeve.
GOOD (GD): has seen heavy play with quite a bit of whitening, surface wear and may exhibit minor creases, dirt and/or bent surfaces - generally needs to be used in a colored sleeve for competitive play.
POOR: generally in a very worn condition - only listed if extremely rare or has a very special characteristic for play
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