Complete Set of Near Mint Magic the Gathering (MtG) Urza's Destiny Cards This is a low-reserve auction for a Complete set of Near Mint Urza's Destiny cards. The cards are all sleeved and look great.

You will get one-each of the following cards:

White: Academy Rector, Archery Training, Capashen Knight, Capashen Standard, Capashen Templar, False Prophet, Fend Off, Field Surgeon, Flicker, Jasmine Seer, Mask of Law and Grace, Master Healer, Opalescence, Reliquary Monk, Replenish, Sanctimony, Scent of Jasmine, Scour, Serra Advocate, Solidarity, Tethered Griffin, Tormented Angel, Voice of Duty, Voice of Reason, Wall of Glare,

Blue: Aura Thief, Blizzard Elemental, Brine Seer, Bubbling Beebles, Disappear, Donate, Fatigue, Fledgling Osprey, Illuminated Wings, Iridescent Drake, Kingfisher, Mental Discipline, Metathran Elite, Metathran Soldier, Opposition, Private Research, Quash, Rayne, Academy Chancellor, Rescue, Scent of Brine, Sigil of Sleep, Telepathic Spies, Temporal Adept, Thieving Magpie, Treachery,

Black: Apprentice Necromancer, Attrition, Body Snatcher, Bubbling Muck, Carnival of Souls, Chime of Night, Disease Carriers, Dying Wail, Encroach, Eradicate, Festering Wound, Lurking Jackals, Nightshade Seer, Phyrexian Monitor, Phyrexian Negator, Plague Dogs, Rapid Decay, Ravenous Rats, Scent of Nightshade,

Red: ®ther Sting, Bloodshot Cyclops, Cinder Seer, Colos Yearling, Covetous Dragon, Flame Jet, Goblin Berserker, Goblin Festival, Goblin Gardener, Goblin Marshal, Goblin Masons, Hulking Ogre, Impatience, Incendiary, Keldon Champion, Keldon Vandals, Landslide, Mark of Fury, Reckless Abandon, Repercussion, Scent of Cinder, Sowing Salt, Trumpet Blast, Wake of Destruction, Wild Colos,

Green: Ancient Silverback, Compost, Elvish Lookout, Elvish Piper, Emperor Crocodile, Gamekeeper, Goliath Beetle, Heart Warden, Hunting Moa, Ivy Seer, Magnify, Marker Beetles, Momentum, Multani's Decree, Pattern of Rebirth, Plated Spider, Plow Under, Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary, Rofellos's Gift, Scent of Ivy, Splinter, Taunting Elf, Thorn Elemental, Yavimaya Elder, Yavimaya Enchantress,

Artifact: Braidwood Cup, Braidwood Sextant, Brass Secretary, Caltrops, Extruder, Fodder Cannon, Junk Diver, Mantis Engine, Masticore, Metalworker, Powder Keg, Scrying Glass, Storage Matrix, Thran Dynamo, Thran Foundry, Thran Golem, Urza's Incubator,

Land: Yavimaya Hollow

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