MTG White Green Lifegain Toughness Deck - Custom - Modern - 60 cards inc Land

Deck List Green white Control style deck that focuses on bigger creatures and knocking your opponent on the a$$e$. Make huge toughness creatures, increase your devotion and gain some life!

1 Luminate Primordial2 Palisade Giant 2 Celestial Archon 2 Hundred Handed One 2 Volatile Rig 1 Grove of the Guardian 2 Martial Law 2 Gift of Immortality 2 Blinding Beam 2 Assault Formation 1 Centaur Healer 1 Heroes' Reunion 2 Solemn Offering 2 Guardian Zendikon 1 Oppressive Rays 1 Rampant Growth 2 Acolyte's Reward 2 Shape the Sands 1 Epic Confrontation 2 Deadly Recluse 4 Pacifism 4 Evolving Wilds 2 Rupture Spire 3 Forest 1 Blossoming Sands 1 Selesnya Sanctuary 1 Grove of the Guardian 12 Plains

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