MTG X1: Restoration Angel FOIL - Avacyn Restored PROMO Rare *Ship Discounts*

NEW Lower Individual Item shipping charges!
All Customers Pay ONLY the highest 3 Shipping costs for up to 40 line items on your invoice!
SAVE BIG with multiple item shipping discounts that BEAT Free Shipping!

My system will produce a lower total cost for your order in almost every case, even when compared to FREE Shipping! When a seller offers FREE Shipping, that just means that the cost of shipping is built into the price of every item. So you pay shipping on every item! Each additional item you buy from jrmagiccards reduces your shipping cost per item and total cost to what I believe is the VERY BEST value on eBay!

Customers Pay ONLY the 3 Highest individual shipping rates among all your items (eBay cannot determine this) on the invoice. So load up with as much stuff as you'd like (up to the 40 line item max per invoice (eBay limitation)) for an AWESOME shipping price. If an item has been deemed as an item I cannot include in this discount scheme for whatever reason, that item will require immediate payment (very heavy or very expensive items that require special handling).

Notes: Individual Item shipping rates are determined by weight and value. Heavier and more expensive items will have higher individual shipping associated than lighter and cheaper items, so within those items you will most likely
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