MTG Zendikar Rare *Verdant Catacombs* German Language!

MTG Zendikar Rare *Verdant Catacombs* German Language!

Verdant Catacombs - Rare from the Zendikar set. The card is in Near Mint condition. Please note that the photo is a stock photo and this card is in fact in Italian - Catacombe Verdeggianti. I ship cards the working day following payment (or if possible on the same working day). I do offer shipping discount: Each card/lot after the first will only cost 10p extra for shipping so check out my ebay shop for any other cards you need! I use plastic toploaders/padded envelopes etc to ensure that cards arrive with you safely. If you require shipping insurance, recorded delivery or any other shipping upgrades please get in touch and I will price them for you. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Mint: Mint cards have no defects and are in perfect/near perfect condition - pretty much identical to new cards freshly pulled from a booster. Sometimes called Gem Mint.

Near Mint: Near Mint cards have only a very small amount of wear e.g. tiny area of edge whitening or a tiny nick/scratch. Near Mint cards look very similiar to Mint cards and only very close inspection would show any difference. Many people count Mint and Near Mint as the same grade.

Excellent: Excellent condition cards have a small amount of wear that can be seen
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