MTH 30-1629-1 Imperial Berkshire 2-8-4 Steam, Proto-Sound 3.0, Nickel Plate Road

2-8-4 Imperial Berkshire Steam Engine w/Proto-Sound 3.0 - Nickel Plate Road

Cab No. 765

Product Number: 30-1629-1 First appeared in: 2014 Volume 1 - Released in Janurary 2015 O Scale
In the 1920s, increased competition meant that railroads had to come up with new ways of doing business if they hoped to remain successful. Up to that time, most freight was moved by connecting as many cars as possible to a locomotive and having the steam engine heave and drag them along (called "drag freight"). Some railroads decided to compete more effectively by increasing the speed, not the capacity, of their freight trains. The Lima Locomotive Works' 2-8-4 Berkshire steamer, introduced in 1924 and named for the Massachusetts mountains where it was demonstrated, helped make this happen. The Berkshire was dubbed a "Super Power" engine because its larger firebox grate and other related elements (which necessitated the 4-wheel trailing truck) greatly increased the engine's steam-making capacity. And more steam capacity meant more power and more speed. In all, 611 Berkshires were built for nearly 20 Class 1 railroads. They were a huge success and remained in service on U.S. rails until 1958, well into the diesel era.

M.T.H. Electric Trains is pleased to offer the RailKing Imperial Berkshire

Did You Know?

The first 2-8-4 was built with 63" drivers, but railroads soon discovered that it had so much more steam capacity than previous freight engines it could power larger - and therefore faster - drivers, and subsequent models had 69"-70" drivers. Cruising speeds averaged about 55 mph.


Die-Cast Boiler and Chassis Die-Cast Tender Body Authentic Paint Scheme Real Coal Load in Tender Die-Cast Locomotive and Tender Trucks Engineer and Fireman Figures Metal Handrails and Bell Metal Wheels and Axles Remote Controlled Proto-Coupler Prototypical Rule 17 Lighting Operating Firebox Glow Tender Backup Light Tender Truck Safety Chains Illuminated Engine Class Lights Separately Added Metal Grab Irons Legible Builder's Plates Cab Interior Light Painted Cab Backhead Gauges Precision Flywheel-Equipped Motor Synchronized Puffing ProtoSmoke System Locomotive Speed Control In Scale MPH Increments Wireless Drawbar Onboard DCC Receiver Proto-Sound 3.0 With The Digital Command System Featuring: Passenger Station Proto-Effects Unit Measures:22 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 3 3/8" Operates On O-31 Curves Steam DCC Features Headlight/Tail light Bell Whistle Start-up/Shut-down Passenger Station/Freight Yard Sounds All Other Lights (On/Off) Master Volume Front Coupler Rear Coupler Forward Signal Reverse Signal Grade Crossing Smoke On/Off Smoke Volume Idle Sequence 3 Idle Sequence 2 Idle Sequence 1 Extended Start-up Extended Shut-down One Shot Doppler Coupler Slack Coupler Close Engine Sounds Single Horn Blast Brake Sounds Cab Chatter Feature Reset Labor Chuff Drift Chuff
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