MTH Ives 3237-R 190 193 192 Standard Gauge Prewar Set

Here is an absolutely spectacular and hard to find Ives Standard gauge train set! This is the MTH re-issue of this freight train,and is just like the original from 1929-1930! It consists of a 3245-R electric locomotive, a 190 tank car, a 192 merchandise car, a 193 stock car, a 195 caboose, and a 198 gravel car. These were known as "Transition Cars", meaning they were made with Lionel, American Flyer, and Ives components when Ives themselves went bankrupt and were bought out by Lionel and Flyer. Eventually, Lionel assumed full control of Ives. Original issues of this engine and these cars are just about impossible to find, and command thousands of dollars when you do see them!

I am the original owner of this set, and the first time the cars were out of their boxes was today when I took pictures for this listing. Locomotive has never been on the track, but I did bench test it to make sure it ran fine. By the way, this is the "Traditional" model of this loco, meaning it is just like the original with an original Ives style motor. It does NOT have all the electronics and can motor like the "Proto" version. This set is basically still mint in the box. I have all the boxes. Don't miss this unbelieveable set! Plus $49.99 shipping & handling. This is super large, heavy, and bulky. It will have to ship in 2 large oversized boxes.
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