MTH Premier 20-3311-1 Western Maryland 2-10-0 Decapod Steam Engine PS 2.0

This Steam Engine is the MTH Premier Western Maryland 2-10-0 Decapod 20-3311-1. Steam Engine is very clean and in excellent condition with only 86 scale miles on the odometer. Box is also in excellent condition. It has Proto Sound 2.0 with Engine Speed Control which will maintain the same speed up and down a grade without having to adjust the control. Engine will operate on O-31 curve track and can easily be converted from 3 to 2 rail track operation. It also has the new 3 volt electronic system vs 9 volt system and wireless drawbar from engine to tender vs cable. It comes with the original box, owners manual and factory included items. Shipping includes insurance. Please read the information below and ask any other questions you may have.
There are two reasons to put a lot of drivers under a locomotive. One, obviously, is to increase pulling power. The other is to spread out the engine's weight, allowing it to operate on lighter-duty track and rail. The "Russian" decapods were an example of the latter. During World War I, the Imperial Russian State Railways ordered 1230 locomotives of the 2-10-0 wheel arrangement from Alco and Baldwin. With light axle loading and tiny 52" drivers - about the same size as a typical switcher - these decapods were designed for moderate speeds on light and often poorly maintained track. When the
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